mill_what we do_border2Formed in 1994, Thompson’s Mills Preservation Society (formerly known as the Boston Mill Society) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Oregon. We took our original name from historic Boston Mills, built along the Calapooia River in 1858 and better-known today as Thompson’s Mills.

In cooperation with the Oregon State Parks & Recreation Department we support the mill, the other buildings and grounds that comprise Thompson’s Mills State Heritage Site.

Thompson’s Mills is the oldest operable water-powered grist mill in Oregon. We are dedicated to the preservation of the history of Thompson’s Mills,  its supporting structures and the way of life that developed here from its inception. We also look towards the future by aiding efforts to educate the public about the significance of the mill and it’s impact on the history of agriculture in our region. We do this in part through the stories of the people who struggled and succeeded in maintaining a viable business across 150 years of changing technological and economic conditions.

As you explore our redesigned Web site, you’ll discover a bit of the Mill’s eventful history and learn what’s happening there today. But the best way to experience the Mill’s heritage is to visit. After you do, we believe that you too will become a fan of Thompson’s Mills.